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Click on a sticker to add it to your card

Click on an animation to add it to your card
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How to make your Photo Cards.

Step 1. Upload Photo:

Click the “Upload Photo” button, a window will open. You can select a photo by Clicking “Browse & Select” button to choose from your device’s storage space or simply drag and drop the selected photo in the marked area. Alternative you can select a photo from your dropbox account if you have one. After you have selected the photo click the “Upload” button that will appear in the same window, it will add the photo to your card

Step 2. Select Frame:

Click on any border design that you like from the “Frames” tab, it will be added to your card.

Step 3. Add Animation Effect:

Select an animation from the “Animation” tab. But note that while the animation is running most other things will be disabled, so after a while the animation will be paused. You can resume the animation from inside the same tab. When you send the card, it will continue to play without stopping.

Step 4. Select Music:

Under the “Music” tab there are options for choosing a track that best matches your frame, also you can completely turn it off or make it play only once without looping.

Step 5. Send:

Finally click the “Send” button, a window will open, fill in the information and if you want add a nice personal message that will be shown under the card. You can also send your card to multiple recipients by separating the names and email ids of the recipients by comma(,). Furthermore you can schedule for sending on a later date, just click the “Later” option at the bottom of the form and select a date of your choice.

Optional Steps:

Add Stickers:

Add as many stickers from the “Stickers” tab to your card as you want, move and resize them to your liking.

Photo Effects:

Under the “Photo Effects” tab there are some effects which you can add your photo, but be careful if your photo is too large (more than 700kb) it will make your browser unresponsive for some time.

Add Text

Add as many text items as you want by clicking the “Add Text” button, while the text is selected, the options for changing it will appear under the “Text Options” tab.

Free Writing:

You can write with your finger/mouse/stylus by clicking the “Free Writing” button, just be sure to turn off free writing once you are done by clicking the “Stop Writing” button(same button).